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Our goal is to educate the public about the harmful realities of Australia’s beef industry, and to show the hidden aspects that the industry do not promote. 


We seek to uncover the truth about beef by detailing the industry’s far-ranging impact on sentient, individual animals and Australia’s unique and precious ecosystems. 


Welcome to BEEF.ORG.AU

Using never before seen video footage and insights from former industry insiders, we shine a light on practices that are considered ‘standard’ despite the detriment caused to animals, people, and the environment. Our Beef Industry Report details the following:

  • Animal Welfare Issues

    • Dehorning, Branding and Castration

    • Disease, Starvation and Death

    • Feedlots

    • Transport and Saleyards

    • Live Export

    • Slaughter

    • Enforcement Issues

    • Community Concern

  • Climate Change and Environmental Issues
    • Ruminants and Planetary Boundaries 

    • Beef vs Ecosystems

    • Beef vs Forests

    • Beef vs Wildlife

    • Beef vs The Great Barrier Reef

    • Beef’s Climate Impact

    • Methane’s Unique Impact

    • Beef vs Soils

    • The True Cost of Beef

    • Should We Even Be Farming The Rangelands and Drylands?

  • Opportunities and Recommendations

    • Climate Change

    • Plant-based Proteins

    • Government

    • Industry 

    • Consumers 

It’s time for Australia to shift towards plant-based industries that can safeguard our collective future. Government, industry and consumers can all play a part. 

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